Interpol: Fukd ID #3 ~ Digital Download Interpol: Fukd ID #3 ~ Digital Download  Ref: CHEM047 DD
Only Angels Have Wings

There are only four songs on Interpol's debut EP, 'fukd i.d. #3', but these four songs are better than most of the guitar music we've heard in 2001. The first track, 'PDA' (stands out for 'Personal Digital Assistant', a new yuppie toy) starts with a powerful and incisive drum beat, leading us into one of the best songs heard this year.Interpol play a noisy new wave-ish music. Singer/guitarist Paul Banks sings his wonderful lines (you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear) with a low haunted voice while drummer Sam, guitarist Daniel and multi instrumentist Carlos back him up, following him blindly. The best of the three following songs ('5', the last track on the EP is an instrumental featuring Paul screaming on an upbeat rock piece) is undeniably 'Roland' (he always took the time to speak with me, I liked him for that), the shortest song on the EP and the most explosive, the chorus drowned in a dark and thrilling synth fog, Paul still singing as if nothing else in the world mattered (he was growing on me, he was growing on me). [8.5/10]