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Chemikal Underground's first and arguably most important signings given it was the effervescent pop stylings of this Glasgow trio that bankrolled a mewling, newborn Chemikal Underground. Following the successful release of The Delgados' debut 7" Monica Webster/Brand New Car, Chemikal Underground were on the hunt for a new signing when they bumped into bis in Glasgow's 13th Note bar in 1995.

Proof that success is as much a product of luck as it is judgement, bis were looking for a label to release their first UK single and, being fans of the DIY approach, found the have-a-go-heroes of Chemikal Underground as attractive a proposition as anyone.

Two singles later? They were on Top Of The Pops and Chemikal Underground were off and running.

Official Bis Website...

bis ~ Disco Nation 45

bis ~ The Secret Vampire Soundtrack

Store Top |  bis