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About Us

Chemikal Underground Records was established in 1995 and since then, we've gone out of our way to be as nice as possible. No really, we have: the music industry can be full of bampots and we had no intention of swelling their ranks still further by acting like dicks and generally making a nuisance of ourselves. With this in mind, we'd like to welcome you all to our brand new online shop: designed by ourselves, run by ourselves and serviced by ourselves - all for you, dear consumer.

It's hugely important for everyone at Chemikal Underground that your experience within our store is a happy one: effortless navigation and fool-proof functionality is our goal and we expect (and demand!) that you communicate with us and point out any areas where we could improve.

The purpose of this shop is not just to flog you our catalogue but to provide you with a resource you can take your time over and browse through.

We've gone out of our way to make the prices in this store as competitive as possible; we want you to feel a sense of belonging with Chemikal Underground and the best way for us to achieve this is by offering you our catalogue at prices you'll struggle to find elsewhere, so feel free to take a chance on items you've not heard yet. We said, feel free to take a chance on items you've not heard yet...

We're not perfect (although at times we come fairly close) and as such, if there are any errors or mistakes on the site, please tell us straight away so we can iron them out (a lot of work has gone into this store so it's inevitable that there will be the odd typo here and there). In addition of course, and we're not fishing here, if there's anything you feel compelled to compliment us on then don't hold back: the music industry is full of punctured egos so the odd 're-inflation' wouldn't go astray!

In the end, we're really trying to stumble upon the Holy Grail of online music retail: a record label's shop that's easy to use, doesn't fleece you and helps you to feel part of what Chemikal Underground Records is trying to do - put out good music for people whose taste is not in their arse.