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Zoey Van Goey

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For a band so prominent in the Glasgow music scene it seems almost inconsequential that none of the four members are from Scotland, let alone the 'Dear Green Place'. Kim Moore, Adam Scott, Matt Brennan and Michael John McCarthy hail from England (twice), Canada and Ireland although while I type this I'm realising that it has no relevance whatsoever: they collectively make a brand of beautiful, crafted pop that seeemed to have become something of a lost art around these parts. With two albums under their belt including their most recent, 'Propeller Versus Wings', Zoey Van Goey have certainly established themselves as prime exponents of the subtly subversive pop song, but what's that name all about?

They're named after an itinerant Amish girl, Zoey van der Kamp, who moved to New York at the age of 15, changed her name to Zoey van Goey, became immersed in the burgeoning street-art movememnt of the mid-Eighties, decamped to Berlin, earned considerable success with her street murals and art installations, shagged Wim Wenders and then disappeared from public life entirely.

For those of you who love sunny indie pop with an unmistakeably surreal and dark twist then we can categorically assure you that Zoey van Goey may be the droids you're looking for...

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Zoey Van Goey ~ The Cage Was Unlocked All Along

Zoey Van Goey ~ Propeller Versus Wings

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