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The Unwinding Hours

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For those laid low by the untimely and cruel demise of Aereogramme, raise your voices to the heavens and thank the stars for a new Aereogramme-esque incaranation: The Unwinding Hours. Comprising of Craig B and Iain Cook from the much-missed Glaswegian outfit, The Unwinding Hours was the product of a patient and deliberate birthing process, Craig B venturing into Iain's Alucard Studios to work up songs he wasn't entirely sure would ever see the light of day.

As time marched on and the recordings progressed, so too did the realisation that they were rather fucking impressive and lo...The Unwinding Hours was/were born. Where did the name come from? Well, hawk-eyed (and we do mean hawk-eyed) fans of The Shining may well recognise them as the advertisied 'house' band at The Overlook Hotel.

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The Unwinding Hours

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