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The Delgados

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Visionaries, megalomaniacs, chancers, charlatans, call them what you like, but it was The Delgados who started this whole thing and continue to hang in there like a Jack Russell on a cumberland link. The Delgados formed late in 1993 and by the middle of 1994, while they were starting to earn plaudits as a band, they hatched a plot that would materialise into Chemikal Underground.

Paul Savage, Emma Pollock, Stewart Henderson and Alun Woodward were friends from school and university who, having formed The Delgados, would soon find themselves at the forefront of a Glasgow music scene in the first throes of an overdue rebirth. With The Delgados, the four friends would tour the world and release six critically acclaimed albums before amicably disbanding - safe in the knowledge that they never became shit (which is a rare feat nowadays).

They continue to run Chemikal Underground - a label considered by many to be one of the most successful labels to have ever emerged from Scotland...

The Delgados ~ Monica Webster/Brand New Car

The Delgados ~ Cinecentre

The Delgados ~ Under Canvas Under Wraps

The Delgados ~ Sucrose

The Delgados ~ Domestiques

The Delgados ~ Everything Goes Around The Water

The Delgados ~ Pull The Wires From The Wall

The Delgados ~ Peloton

The Delgados ~ The Weaker Argument Defeats The Stronger

The Delgados ~ American Trilogy (Edit)

The Delgados ~ The Great Eastern

The Delgados ~ No Danger (Kids Choir)

The Delgados ~ Everybody Come Down

The Delgados ~ Universal Audio

The Delgados ~ Girls Of Valour

The Delgados ~ The Complete BBC Peel Sessions

The Delgados ~ Live At The Fruitmarket: Glasgow 2001

Store Top |  The Delgados