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Arab Strap ~ Music From Rogue Farm

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It may or may not be widely known, but Arab Strap were approached in 2005 to provide some original music for an animated short film that was nearing completion entitled Rogue Farm. Based on a short story by Charles Stross, it's set in a remote part of Scotland in the near future and concerns, well, to be honest, it all looks a bit mental to me and I wouldn't have the first idea what the hell's going on.

You can check the film's website which still has some details about the storyline, stills from the film and even short clips - the animation looks pretty smart in our opinion. As far as the original music that Arab Strap came up with is concerned, it's quite short (total running time is just over 17 minutes) but there are some lovely pieces of music in there alongside some more atmospheric, squally numbers. Obviously these tracks are only available as downloads as the music was never released in any other form: 11 tracks, 17 minutes, £4.99; thank you very much...

Rogue Farm Website

Music From Rogue Farm ~ Digital Download


Music From Rogue Farm ~ Digital Download

In order to help add value to this digital only product, Aidan has kindly constructed some JPEG files which will be incoprporated into your zip file. Print them out following the instructions on the JPEG and you should be able to create your very own jewel cased artwork for this collection. I know, I know, we're fucking brilliant...

Full Download With Printable Artwork:

11 Tracks + 3 JPEG Files (256K bit rate; 40.2MB)

Price: 5.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Music From Rogue Farm ~ Track Previews


Music From Rogue Farm ~ Track Previews

We won't be selling these tracks as individual downloads, preferring on this occassion to sell the Rogue Farm music as one package. That doesn't mean we won't let you listen to them first though: just click the red preview icons below as normal...

Merge 1Listen
Merge 2Listen
Sad RobotListen
Reverse IncidentalListen
Forest WalkListen
Fight 18.02.696Listen
Merge 3Listen
End CreditsListen

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