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Radar Brothers

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Everyone at Chemikal underground had been admirers of the Radar Bros. before we actually had the chance to work with them (following another fortuitous twist of fate that landed in our lap). We already had the Radar Bros. EP which featured the quite magnificent song 'Stay', so when we received a letter from their UK manager seeking a home for the band, we never so much as rolled out the red carpet as flung a sack over their heads and bundled them into our cellar.

Once their eyes had grown accustomed to the lack of light, our Californian friends set about providing us with three albums of quite impeccable beauty: soporific, wide screen hymns of longing and reverie, delivered in the kind of languid, tranquilised shimmer that you only seem to get from certain parts of the USA's West Coast.

This would seem as good a time as any to also pay tribute to Jim, Senon, Steve and the assorted ranks of Radar brethren who accompanied them to these shores over the years. They are all, to a man, amongst the finest people we've ever had the joy to work with: funny, kind, self-deprecating souls who can hold their liquor even if they couldn't be relied upon to attend their own funeral on time...

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Radar Bros ~ Open Ocean Sailing

Radar Bros ~ The Singing Hatchet

Radar Bros ~ Shoveling Sons

Radar Bros ~ And The Surrounding Mountains

Radar Bros ~ Papillon

Radar Bros ~ The Fallen Leaf Pages

Radar Bros ~ Auditorium

Radar Brothers ~ The Illustrated Garden

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