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RM Hubbert

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A long-time friend and associate of Chemikal Underground, it was an absolute delight for us to welcome RM Hubbert (Hubby to his friends) onto our ramshackle roster of artistic ne'er-do-wells back at the tail end of 2010. Hubby has been a much-loved and respected fixture within the Glasgow music scene for years, from his earlier work with El Hombre Trajeado through to his more recent solo incarnations as RM Hubbert. It was his latter work that really knocked us sideways though and made securing his signature to the label an act of artistic necessity.

A hugely gifted guitarist, Hubby's work incorporates elements of flamenco, folk, samba and taiko and is inspired by events in his life that have, at times, been heartbreakingly difficult. Not so fast with the doom and gloom though because there are also amazingly evocative pieces dealing with adolescence, love and even his dog Mr Bone. The strength of Hubby's playing lies in his ability to evoke emotions in a way that many of his peers in bands with vocals can't even come close to.

First & Last, his debut solo effort which was self-released at the start of 2010, was made available again through Chemikal Underground on both CD and deluxe vinyl formats last year. His follow up, 'Thirteen Lost & Found', includes various collaborations and will be available from early 2012. We consider RM Hubbert to be an invaluable addition to Chemikal Underground and can only implore you to check out his extraordinarily affecting albums.

Official RM Hubbert Website

RM Hubbert ~ First & Last

RM Hubbert ~ Thirteen Lost & Found

RM Hubbert with Aidan Moffat & Alex Kapranos ~ Car Song

RM Hubbert ~ Breaks & Bone

RM Hubbert ~ Ampersand Extras

RM Hubbert ~ Telling The Trees

Store Top |  RM Hubbert