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The undisputed daddy of Chemikal Underground's roster: if the success of bis kickstarted the label, it was the triumphant ascendancy of Mogwai that secured our future. Mogwai knew Paul from The Delgados/Chemikal through his work at Chem19 (then MCM Studios) and were also rabid fans of our most recent signings Arab Strap - if anything, it was our association with Aidan and Malcolm that clinched their signatures.

Mogwai had already released a clutch of singles by the time they signed to Chemikal, so our job was made a good bit easier by the fact that everyone seemd to adore them already. The period from 1997 - 2000 turned into a thrilling rollercoaster ride though, punctuated by blistering gigs and equally visceral nights out in various hostelries around Glasgow. Mogwai were a phenomenon, plain and simple: the fact that a band playing instrumental music could have such a profound impact on the alternative music scene was made all the more remarkable given that they were releasing their music on a fledgling independent label based in Glasgow. Gigs were full of people literally shedding tears at the sheer pummeling beauty of Mogwai's live set; each gig was an event in itself, loaded with a palpable sense of anticipation and heightened backstage by the unique 'gang-mentality' that existed within the band while all this was kicking off.

As well as releasing two full albums with us (Young Team & Come On Die Young) Mogwai also compiled their three CU EP's into one collection (snappily entitled EP + 6) and released a double CD of leftfield remixed interpretations of their Young Team album named Kicking A Dead Pig.

Needless to say that Mogwai continue to go from strength to strength, having released four further albums (Rock Action, Happy Songs For Happy People, Mr Beast and The Hawk Is Howling) to date as well as a soundtrack to the film Zidane - an arthouse documentary on, well, you know who - the clue's in the title. The release of The Hawk Is Howling in the autumn of 2008 was accompanied by live appearances of pulverising volume - heralding a return to their sonic riff-fests of yore. Did I just use the term 'sonic riff-fest'? What a beamer, sorry about that...

Official Mogwai Website...

Mogwai ~ 4 Satin

Mogwai ~ Young Team - Deluxe Edition

Mogwai ~ Young Team

Mogwai ~ No Education=No Future (Fuck The Curfew)

Mogwai ~ Come On Die Young

Mogwai ~ Come On Die Young - Deluxe Edition

Mogwai ~ EP

Mogwai ~ EP+6

Mogwai ~ Kicking A Dead Pig

Store Top |  Mogwai