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Malcolm Middleton

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Malcolm, guitar maestro and infrequent songwriter with Arab Strap, strode out on his own in 2002 with his first solo album and has never really looked back since. It's perhaps no coincidence that Malcolm's material shares a certain kindred spirit with the darkness of Arab Strap's output - a side project however, this most certainly is not...

Lyrically, Malcolm's songs are full of black humour and wry observations; never circumspect when discussing his own moodswings, Malcolm pulls off the trick of writing deeply personal songs which still manage to resonate with us while we listen to them. From a musical point of view, Malcolm has never been a stranger to melody: shrouding Arab Strap's songs for years in wonderfully evocative guitar lines. With his own material, he's taken that freedom and ran with it - from the bleaker, more sparse arrangements of '5:14...' to the romping ABBA-esque pop and insanely catchy electronica inhabiting 'Into The Woods'.

A supremely gifted and unfailingly honest songwriter, Malcolm Middleton's solo career looks set to keep him as much in demand as he was with Arab Strap.

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Malcolm Middleton ~ 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol...

Malcolm Middleton ~ Into The Woods

Malcolm Middleton ~ Loneliness Shines/No Modest Bear

Malcolm Middleton ~ Break My Heart

Malcolm Middleton ~ Long, Dark Night/Live in Zurich

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