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Mt. Wilson Repeater

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Jim Putnam, he of Radar Bros. fame, brings us his new solo project, Mt. Wilson Repeater and we have to say it's rather brilliant. Before we explain a bit more about Mt. Wilson Repeater however, now seems as good a time as any to give you some background on Jim himself, his studio and the incredible legacy his father, Bill Putnam Sr., has left the music industry.

Jim has always recorded the Radar Bros. albums at his home studio in Atwater, Los Angeles named Skylab (Phases I through III) and now renamed Phase IV Intergalactic Recording Facility. His love of sound recording can hardly be considered surprising given his lineage and the impact his father had on the sound recording industry through the 40's, 50's and 60's: Bill Putnam Sr. has been described as "the father of modern recording" and his entry in Wikipedia makes for fascinating reading...


The posthumus Technical Achievement Grammy awarded to Bill was collected at the ceremony by Jim who continues his father's work, along with his brother William Putnam Jr., in the form of their company Universal Audio, designing modern studio hardware that replicates the vintage analog sound recording equipment pioneered by their father. The Delgados fans amongst you will no doubt have noticed that Jim and co. generously allowed us to scalp the name of their company for the title of our fifth and final studio album.

Jim's skill behind a sound desk has served the Radar Bros. well for over 10 years he's applied the same techniques to this, his new solo project, which he composed, performed and recorded himself. There's an obvious kindred spirit between the Mt. Wilson Repeater and Radar Bros.' sounds, but the similarities are not as broad as you might think - vocals take a backseat on this project, blending in effortlessly with a mix that is as much electronic as it is acoustic.

Few people can be more skilled at evoking hazy, southern Californian evenings with a bourbon in your hand and with Mt. Wilson Repeater's glitchy, laid back electronica, rippling pianos and reflective acoustic layering, Jim Putnam's added another slice of subtly beautiful Americana to his already enthralling body of work...

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