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Loch Lomond

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A band from Portland, Oregon in the US, called Loch Lomond, signed to a Scottish record label whose office is twenty miles from the actual Loch Lomond. Imagine that. Well, it's true, Chemikal Underground's office is just shy of 20 miles from Loch Lomond because we checked it on Google Maps. It's also true that we've signed Loch Lomond the band, and very proud of the fact we are too.

So how did they come up with the name? We'll let their singer and Loch Lomond paterfamilias Ritchioe Young take up the story...

"I wanted to call the band The Mountains, but there were a lot of mountain bands at the time, and I definitely didn't want to go with that blue-grassy vibe. We ordered some one-inch reel-to-reel tape off of eBay, and when it came from England or Scotland, it had a piece of tape on it that just said, "Loch Lomond", so we put that in the hard drive when we were saving stuff, and it just kind of became the band name. I didn't really know it was a lake in Scotland...I knew it was a lake somewhere, though."

Starting life in 2003, Loch Lomond was, initially anyway, a solo project for Ritchie Young (albeit augmented with various collaborations). The collaborations became increasingly central to the band's output however so when Loch Lomond entered the studio to record 'Little Me Will Start A Storm' it was as a settled six piece. The resultant album certainly benefitted from the new found stability, sounding as artful, understated and assured as anything from Fleet Foxes or The Decemberists; recalling also the psych-folk musings of Mercury Rev.

Loch Lomond's online profile also took a significant shot in the arm thanks to another Scottish connection: street trials pro rider Danny MacAskill. Danny's film 'Way Back Home', featuring his journey home to Dunvegan (performing a myriad of gravity-defying miracles on his bike en route) was accompanied by Loch Lomond's song 'Wax And Wire'. "So what?" we hear you say. The clip has, to date, been viewed over 13.5 million times.

In case you haven't seen it (and let's face it, you're probably the only one) you can see it here.

You should also be aware that Loch Lomond shares yet another Scottish connection in that their last record (and the one that includes Wax And Wire) was the Night Bats EP released by Scotland's esteemed blog/record label Song, By Toad. Here's a link to buy their EP:


Loch Lomond ~ Little Me Will Start A Storm

Loch Lomond ~ White Dresses EP

Loch Lomond ~ Dresses

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