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Holy Mountain

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Holy Mountain are, quite simply, one of the most entertaining live bands we've ever seen. They play the type of show that reminds you just how exhilarating rock music can be when it's placed in the right hands; that leaves you wide-eyed and grinning at just how good these guys actually are. The 'rock trio' is a staple now: a format that has reaped such extraordinary albums and performances that you have to be good to carry it off. Take it from us: Holy Mountain are very good indeed.

Named after Jodorowski's mind-bendingly indecipherable movie of the same name, Holy Mountain's take on 70's psychedelia eschews the more flamboyant excesses of heavy metal and opts instead for the high energy rock and roll of MC5. Starting out as a two-piece with Andy McGlone on guitar and Pete Flett on drums, Holy Mountain's ranks were bolstered by Allan Stewart on bass prior to them entering the studio to record Earth Measures.

They cite the influences of KISS, Motorhead, Rush and Iron Monkey so really, there's not much else we can add to that except if that doesn't excite you, then you've no business skulking around our shop.

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Holy Mountain ~ Earth Measures

Holy Mountain ~ Luftwizard

Holy Mountain ~ Ancient Astronauts

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