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Fukd ID Series

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Our first stab at a single series was intended to be an outlet for various artists that were slightly more left field or who we could convince to release something through us on a more one-off basis. The idea was that all the singles would look identical and would be simply assigned a number, building into a collection so wondrous in content and rare in nature that punters would draw razor blades on each other in order to get their hands on the Fukd ID absent from their collection.

Laudable aspirations that were in some way met in the case of Interpol and the ultra rare Arab Strap and Aereogramme releases. It's in the other Fukd IDs that the true spirit of the enterprise lies - in Model Fighter, KPF, British Meat Scene, bis and Ben Tramer, Chemikal Underground has massed its catalogue ranks with true quality and eccentric splendour.

Fukd ID #1 ~ Aereogramme

Fukd ID #2 ~ Arab Strap

Fukd ID #3 ~ Interpol

Fukd ID #4 ~ British Meat Scene

Fukd ID #5 ~ bis

Fukd ID #6 ~ Ben Tramer

Fukd ID #7 ~ Model Fighter

Fukd ID #8 ~ Kempston, Protek & Fuller

Store Top |  Fukd ID Series