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El Hombre Trajeado

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Funny how things can end up working out.

El Hombre Trajeado first convened in 1995 - the year Chemikal Underground started doing its 'thing' - and were central, important contributors to the vibrant DIY scene that was starting to coalesce around Glasgow. A four-piece comprising Stevie Jones, RM Hubbert, Ben Jones and Stef Sinclair, their music was exceptional, right from the start: technically complex but impossibly tight and effortlessly played, there was a lithesome angularity about El Hombre that would characterise their three albums Skipafone (1998), Saccade (2001) and Shlap (2004).

We were always big, big fans of the band and there are fond memories of seeing them play in Sleazys and 13th Note. El Hombre supported The Delgados in 2000 when we were touring The Great Eastern but they also hit the road with far more illustrious company in the form of Nick Cave, Sebadoh and Tortoise (the uninitiated might find some more musical reference points in there too if they look hard enough).

John Peel got it too, asking the band to record three sessions and a fourth set, live to air, on one of his greatly missed shows. The band dissolved in 2005 with their members going off in different directions: Ben and Stef would pursue careers outwith music while Stevie played with the likes of Arab Strap before crossing paths more directly with Chemikal at the vanguard of his Sound of Yell project; Hubby's circuitous path would also lead back to Chemikal through his inspired, flamenco-infused solo work.

And so the circle is squared: El Hombre Trajeado, reformed in 2014 to play as part of Chemikal's East End Social, have produced their first album in more than 12 years - Fast Diagonal - and it's as dazzling and fluid and inventively melodic as anything they've ever written.

We couldn't be more proud that they've released it through Chemikal. Welcome back guys.

El Hombre Trajeado ~ Fast Diagonal

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