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Cha Cha Cohen

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Cha Cha Cohen were the first band we signed after the success of bis and again, it was down to whole series of coincidences and happy accidents. We had gotten hold of a 7" single by Cha Cha Cohen which had been released through a Leeds based label named Hemiola and had all been struck by how great it was. We had heard that the band featured some ex-Wedding Present members - certainly Keith Gregory - but apart from that we knew nothing else about the band.

As it turned out, David Gedge from The Wedding Present had heard our (The Delgados)' first Peel Session on the radio, sometime in mid 1995, and had happened to mention how much he'd enjoyed it on Radio Scotland's Beat patrol programme, just prior to playing a Wedding Present gig in Glasgow. The Delgados met David, got offered a support slot on the their next UK tour and it was during this tour that The Delgados found out The Wedding Present's drummer Simon Smith and guitarist Simon Cleave also played in Cha Cha Cohen.

It wasn't long after that tour that Stewart from The Delgados/Chemikal Underground got a call at home from Simon Smith asking if we'd be interested in releasing Cha Cha Cohen stuff and the relationship was forged from there. Cha Cha Cohen featured Jacqi Dulany (aka Jacqi Cohen) on vocals - an ex-member of early Matador signings The Dustdevils (check out the following myspace site for their colourful history: http://www.myspace.com/dustdevilsextant), Jacqi's background was pure rock n' roll theatre. Following turbulent stints with the Dustdevils, sojourns to Leeds (where she met ex-Wedding present bassist Keith Gregory) and spells as a croupier on an Indian Reservation in Upstate New York Jacqui finally formed Cha Cha Cohen with Keith in 1994.

Cha Cha Cohen ~ 538 EP

Cha Cha Cohen ~ Spook On The High Lawn

Cha Cha Cohen ~ Freon Shortwave

Cha Cha Cohen ~ Cha Cha Cohen

Cha Cha Cohen ~ All Artists Are Criminals

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