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Emma Pollock & RM Hubbert ~ Tour EP

Store Top | Emma Pollock |  Emma Pollock & RM Hubbert ~ Tour EP

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As part of the promotion and merchandising for their recent joint tour, Emma and Hubby put together this 6 track EP - exclusively available at their live shows and now on the Chemikal Underground Shop.

It's a heady assortment of tracks, featuring material from Hubby's '13 Lost & Found' (Half Light); previously unreleased material from Hubby (SG-666 and Elliot) and Emma (Dark Skies and The Night Is Heavy); all capped off with Hubby, Emma and Alasdair Robert's moving reworking of the Italian folk song 'Mo Ve'La Bella Mia De La Muntagna'.

Available on CD from this online shop and at selected gigs featuring Emma and Hubby while stocks last, here is the full tracklisting for you:

1. Half Light (RM Hubbert, Emma Pollock and Rafe Fitzpatrick)
2. The Night Is Heavy (Emma Pollock featuring Adem)
3. SG-666 (RM Hubbert)
4. Dark Skies (Emma Pollock, strings arranged by Malcolm Lindsay)
5. Elliot (RM Hubbert, Luke Sutherland)
6. Mo Ve'la Bella Mia De La Muntagna (RM Hubbert, Emma Pollock & Alasdair Roberts

Store Top | Emma Pollock |  Emma Pollock & RM Hubbert ~ Tour EP