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Miaoux Miaoux ~ Autopilot EP

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With 'Autopilot', the second single taken from the album, Miaoux Miaoux's flair for a subtly insistent and imperious melody strides to the fore. A glittering synth-fuelled hymn to heartbreak, 'Autopilot' incorporates elements of bass and hip-hop, while recalling the stylistic flourishes of Boards of Canada. The chorus, an insouciant show-stopper, makes 'Autopilot' one of the album's nailed-on highlights and sets the tone for an extraordinarily impressive EP featuring the exotic remixing talents of some very special artists. We'll let Kev Dillon of The 13th Tribe guide you through the rest of the EP...

First up and fresh from a whole host of continental festivals is Auntie Flo + Esa. When Brian Eno complained there wasn't enough Africa in computers, he obviously didn't look under the bonnet of Auntie Flo's comp. This pair kick off with a straight-up, no messin', dancefloor banger African style: earthy conga loops, majestic sounding King Tubby tape delays and deep, dubby chamber reverbs collide deliver that vintage, big desk production feel. These dudes are true masters of their craft and this mix is 100% guaranteed to rock the dancefloor from Johannesburg to Ibiza.

Next up is Tom Furse from The Horrors. A simple phrase for you: jaw dropper. Tom goes supremely Gaian on this one, masterfully summoning exquisitely blissed out, choice cuts of shamanic synth work. Think Tangerine Dream and Sabres of Paradise beautifully mangled out their intergalactic cupolas on Ayahuasca. Seriously, this will teleport you to a tropical rainforest floating on a fluffy candy floss cloud, where you'll be soaked to your solar plexus in a psilocybin monsoon and, wow, doesn't that psychedelic scent of heavenly jasmine and divine jade bring out Miaoux Miaoux's hidden Donovan!

Man of the minute Echo Park (with trailblazing releases on Skream's imprint Disfigured Dubz) reverses the vocal Dubstep template and fashions a huge PA tune. This massive, bottom-end driller killer with growling bass rabies is guaranteed to have grandma and her cat hiding under the stairs for the remainder of their mortals. Gelling well-rounded, perfectly sculpted subs and disturbing sawtooths and grinding out throttled death star FX in abundance, it's like Darth Vadar clearing his throat after a fortnight binge on a woodbine bong: adjust to Spinal Tap volume 11 if you please. The juxtaposition with Julian's ethereal dulcets also reminds us of what a true pop sensation Miaoux Miaoux really is...

Finally Edinburgh trio Discopolis serve up a perfect slice of power pop. These guys have just finished a summer of headline gigs in Europe and even made the Radio 1 playlist; after listening to this little ditty, it's not hard to see why. Their remix superbly combines a tweelodic intro and a drop that will mash any primetime radio playlist. After a dreamy, lyrics-filled breakdown, a second drop delivers more opaque yet colourful synth-tweakery amid layers of highly accomplished sonic sorcery: instantly memorable with that feel good factor rocked to the paramount.

Autopilot EP ~ White Label 12

Ref: CHEM187 Vinyl

Autopilot EP ~ White Label 12" Vinyl EP

Original UK Release Date: 15th October, 2012

Limited to 300 copies, these white label 12" EPs have been individually stickered and stamped by Miaoux Miaoux himself and come in a heavy duty clear PVC wallet.

The vinyl contains Miaoux Miaoux's title track (Autopilot) plus remixes of 'Hey Sound!' by Auntie Flo & Esa, 'Stop The Clocks' (Tom Furse from The Horrors) and Echo Park's remix of 'Autopilot'.

In addition, you'll receive a link for the 16-bit master files in WAV format of all four remixes (including Discopolis' take on 'Better For Now' which is only available on the digital EP).

Price: 7.00 (Including VAT at 20%)



Autopilot EP ~ Digital Download

Ref: CHEM187 DD

Autopilot EP ~ Digital Download

Full Album MP3 (320kbps) Download:
5 tracks (tagged with cover art). Size: 66.7MB

Full EP WAV File Download:
5 tracks. Size: 296MB



Autopilot EP ~ Individual Track Downloads

Ref: CHEM187A

Autopilot EP ~ Individual Track Downloads


£0.70 per track (incl. VAT)

Hey Sound! (Auntie Flo + Esa Remix)Listen
Stop The Clocks (Tom Furse Remix)Listen
Autopilot (Echo Park Remix)Listen
Better For Now (Discopolis Remix)Listen


Store Top | Miaoux Miaoux |  Miaoux Miaoux ~ Autopilot EP