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FOUND ~ Anti Climb Paint

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Holy fuck is it really made out of chocolate? Holy fuck it is actually, thank you for asking. The brainchild of Ben Milne (someone we are going to refer to from here on in as 'The Mad Baker'), a Mad Baker from the family run Fisher And Donaldson's bakery in Fife - the single for Anti Climb Paint is made entirely from chocolate (with a rice paper label) so once you've played it (because it actually does play too) you can eat it. All of it. Yes, we thought so too.

Now, as you can imagine, playable and edible chocolate seven inches don't come cheap so this isn't going to be your standard priced 7" by any manner means - it also inevitably comes with a number of gentle caveats:

1. Shy of flash freezing it like Han Solo at the end of Empire Strikes Back, we can't absolutely guarantee this chocolate seven inch single will arrive in one piece.
2. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure it's safe transport and delivery to your destination of choice but again, if it melts or it breaks, we're sorry.
3. These singles will play on your stereo but you surely don't need us to tell you that playing chocolate singles on your uber-expensive-pride-and-joy-stereo-surround-sound-system may result in staining/melting/less than perfect audio quality.

But you know all this don't you? What's that? You love us? We know*.

* That was another Empire Strikes Back/Han Solo reference by the way...

Anti Climb Paint ~ Chocolate 7

Ref: CHEM159

Anti Climb Paint ~ Chocolate 7" Single

Original UK Release Date: 26th June 2011

A bona fide, edible and playable seven inch single made from chocolate and pretty much as collectable as it's possible to get. We'll ensconce this product in a veritable cocoon of cardboard and bubble wrap in a valiant attempt to ensure it's safe and intact passage to your address of choice.

In addition, you'll get the full digital download of the single which includes two remixes: one by S-Type and one by The Phantom Band. You'll also get a movie file of the video for Anti Climb Paint and a small card with instructions on how best to store your chocolate record.

Shipping will be based on our 'deluxe vinyl' products which, if you think about it, makes total sense...

As you can no doubt imagine, stock is very, very limited.

Price: 13.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Anti Climb Paint ~ Digital Download

Ref: CHEM159DD

Anti Climb Paint ~ Digital Download

Entire Single Download With Cover Art - 3 Tracks (320K bit rate; 23.1MB)


Price: 2.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Anti Climb Paint ~ Track Downloads

Ref: CHEM159A

Anti Climb Paint ~ Track Downloads


£0.70 per track (incl. VAT)

Anti Climb PaintListen
Anti Climb Paint (S-Type Remix)Listen
Phantie Swine Tape (Phantom Band Remix)Listen


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