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Mogwai ~ Young Team - Deluxe Edition

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Mogwai's first full length album, Young Team was greeted by the music press with the kind of frenzied hysterical praise that's normally reserved for, well, not a gang of teenage instrumentalists. Their ranks briefly augmented by ex-Teenage fanclub drummer and Macrocosmica alumni Brendan O' Hare, Mogwai entered Chem19 studios with Delgados drummer Paul Savage at the controls and carved out an album of bi-polar brilliance: delicately beautiful one minute and pulverisingly loud the next.

Young Team remains one of the most ludicrously confident and wilfully abstract debuts in years - completely flying in the face of what was considered 'popular' at the time, it's an album that, crucially, hasn't seemed to date one bit: the ambition is matched by the execution and it's absolutley bereft of contrivance. Timeless, important, music. Plain and simple.

UPDATE: May 2008 finally sees the release of the long-awaited (especially by us!) deluxe reissue of Young Team. Revisited not least because there had been lingering regrets over the initial album master and the speed at which it had been conducted, we collectively decided to give the original tracks a remastering makeover and bolster the beast with an additional CD's worth of bonus material. Not content with that, we also wanted to give all the Mogwai vinyl enthusiasts out there (for there are many) the chance of bagging a limited edition, QUADRUPLE vinyl box-set format of the album too.

The remastered version of the album sounds ten times better (and louder, believe it or not), there's new liner notes penned by the esteemed music journalist and writer Keith Cameron and the 9-track bonus disc features: BBC Sessions; live broadcasts from Chicago's Lounge Ax, T In The Park and a performance at Chemikal Underground's legendary 5th Anniversary Party at Glasgow's Garage; a cover version of Spacemen 3's 'Honey'; tracks off rare NME covermounts and Glasgow Compilation seven inches oh, and a previously unreleased track to boot.

If you've already got Young Team, this is the definitive version of the album and a value-added replacement for the original - if you've not heard Young Team yet, prepare to have your eyes opened in a manner you can't even conceive of yet...

Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ 2CD

Ref: CHEM106 CD

Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ 2CD

Original UK Release Date: 27th October, 1997

Remastered and reissued: 26th May, 2008

Price: 8.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ Digital Download

Ref: CHEM106 DD

Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ Digital Download

Once again answering the call of duty to provide peerless consumer satisfaction, we have decided to offer you two choices of format in which to download the new Young Team reissue: some had asked for higher quality audio files so, taking advice from some technical wizards we bumped into at Bridgeton Cross, we've decided to offer the album in the following formats (all of which remain tagged with album artwork and song information):

MP3 - Our standard for this online shop: these are converted at a bit rate of 256K (still twice as good as iTunes) and offer by far and away the smallest file size.

Full Album MP3 Download (198 MB): £7.00 (including VAT)

NOTE: The full album MP3 Download comes FREE with the 4LP Box Set...

Apple Lossless - A new lossless data compression CODEC from Apple which provides you with a digital track unsullied by the 'lossy' degeneration of formats like MP3. To learn more about the format why not check this link to Wikipedia and find out if it will function on your player (it's certainly fine for most iPods). The files are MPEG-4 files (.m4a) and are considerably larger than MP3 zip files, taking much longer to download...

Full Album Apple Lossless Download (653 MB): £8.00 (including VAT)



Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ Track Downloads (MP3)

Ref: CHEM106A

Young Team (Deluxe Edition) ~ Track Downloads (MP3)

Despite offering the full album download in MP3 and lossless formats, we've taken the decision to stick with 256K MP3 files for the individual track downloads. Why? Size and convenience: given the album itself is available in a higher spec format, we thought that the general population would be quite happy sticking with our (admittedly higher quality than most) MP3s. By all means, email us and vent your ire if our decision displeases you - we try our best to accommodate at all times...


£0.69 per track (incl. VAT)

Yes! I Am A Long Way From HomeListen
Like HerodListen
Radar MakerListen
Summer (Priority Version)Listen
With PortfolioListen
R U Still In 2 It?Listen
A Cheery Wave From Stranded YoungstersListen
Mogwai Fear SatanListen
Young Face Gone WrongListen
I Don't Know What To SayListen
I Can't RememberListen
Katrien (Live - Lounge Ax, Chicago, Oct '97)Listen
R U Still In 2 It (Live - BBC Radio 1 : Mary Anne Hobbs Show)Listen
Like Herod (Live - BBC Radio 1 : T In The Park '97)Listen
Summer (Priority) (Live - WNYU, New York, 1997)Listen
Mogwai Fear Satan (Live - BBC Radio 1 : The John Peel Show)Listen


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