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Aidan Moffat

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Ever since Aidan's career took off with Arab Strap, the biggest challenge for us has often been keeping up with the sheer volume of his creative 'aliases'. Never has this issue proved more problematic than within the pages of this shop - I've spent the last half hour trying to figure out exactly where to put all his projects without sending you kind shoppers off on a wild goose chase trying to track down a particular release.

With that in mind, we've opted to place them all in here: a convenient and comfortable repository for every creative project Aidan has furnished us with and if there's the odd incongruity with some of the labelling - the 'aidan john moffat' jpeg to your right being one of them - then we can only apologise and offer up the excuse of...well, we don't have an excuse actually. In this section, you'll find Aidan's various incarnations from his critically fêted spoken word offering as Aidan John Moffat to his new Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs project, with some Angry Buddhists and Ben Tramers along the way.

One thing is for certain: when you add these projects to the canon of work he's already left behind with Arab Strap, there can be no doubt that Mr Moffat is one of Scotland's most prolific and respected musical exports. The fact that we've been able to tag along for the ride makes all this carry on with the shop sections worthwhile...

Official Aidan Moffat Website...

Aidan John Moffat ~ I Can Hear Your Heart

Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs ~ How To Get To Heaven...

Aidan Moffat & Best Ofs ~ Knock On The Wall Of Your Womb

Aidan John Moffat ~ Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers

Aidan John Moffat ~ More Music Projects

Store Top |  Aidan Moffat